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At Kpf Medical, we offer experienced practitioners, providing the tools you need to reach your goals. Hypertension can be a complex disease to manage without the proper clinical knowledge. Here, we teach you how to achieve your goals so that you live a longer and healthier life. Reach out today for more information on managing your blood pressure.


Understanding diabetes is the first step to taking better care of yourself. At KPF Medical, we are committed to patient education and providing the resources needed to promote patient advocacy. If you want to take control of your health and improve the way your feel, we can help serve you.

  High Cholesterol

Food is the number one source of fuel needed for the human body. But we often make poor choices regarding our foods, which causes elevated cholesterol, obesity, heart attacks, and strokes. Let KPF Medical help you get your life back and help lower your risk factors today!


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Taking care of your health

Why choose Kpf Medical?

Kpf Medical takes pride in providing patients with excellent services and delivering superior results. To find out more about our practice, take a look at some of the positive reviews left by other patients and make your appointment today!

Number 1 Virtual Provider at Your Finger Tips

Are you tired of giving up your days sitting in the doctor's office, waiting in long lines? Then let Kpf medical serve you!
We offer online self-scheduling, Zoom video visits (HIPAA Compliance), online referrals, IOS app for patients, E-prescribing, and Instant messaging, enabling access to your provider 24 hours a day through our patient portal. Send your doctor a message anytime.
Join a practice that really cares.
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Our Recommended Site/ Improve Fitness and Wellness

Want more information on how to workout, and create new healthy eating habits, then click on the link below. "Health and Human services" is a site geared toward wellness and fitness. " Eating healthy is not just for weight loss; it's a way of life." Change your life today!

Because of my work schedule, I could never visit the doctor's office during the week, and weekends were reserved for family. Kpfmedical was virtual, convenient, reassuring, and affordable.

Thank you Dr. Walker.
S. Kilgore-

As a seasoned patient, I wasn't sure if Kpf medical would be able to analyze my medical history, boy, was I wrong. She reviewed previous records and began a treatment course tailored to improve my blood pressure. I'm happy to report my blood pressure readings are finally normal.
Thank you, Kpfmedical!
J. White-

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